The Best Family Board Games in 2024

The Best Family Board Games in 2024

The Best Family Board Games in 2024

Board games and card games are staples in British households and are the perfect instruments for turning screen time into family time. If you’re tired of always bringing out your classic games like Scrabble or Monopoly, we’ve compiled a list of some fun games to play with the whole family.

We recognise that every family is different, so your group could be young, old, large, or small. That’s why we’ve explored games for all types of families, including popular options that have been redesigned for kids or juniors. 


Best Family Board Games


Ticket to Ride

Take your family on a train journey like never before with Ticket to Ride. This simple game is a family favourite where you strategise to claim train routes on your Destination cards. 

If your family want to reminisce about trips away, why not choose a location-specific game like Ticket to Ride London, Ticket to Ride Germany, or Ticket to Ride New York? Or, for younger family members you could introduce them to the game with Ticket to Ride First Journey which is a simplified version for kids aged 6 and over. 


Bananagrams is a word creation game that’s entertaining for all the family and is found in a portable pouch to take with you anywhere. As well as being exciting to play, this educational game is great for improving spelling and boosting vocabulary in little ones. 

No pen or paper is needed, as players create their own crossword with letter tiles. In this fast-paced game, the player who uses all of their letter tiles up first wins. A singular game is only short and takes around 15 minutes, but is addictively replayable.  

Depending on how young or old the members of your family are, there are specific versions for kids (My First Bananagrams) and for players who’d benefit from extra large tiles (Big Letter Bananagrams). 



 Telestrations is a hit party game made for families who want some simple, hilarious fun. By sketching, passing, and guessing, will your original word make it back into your sketchbook or will your drawings turn into chaos? With only one minute per round for a person to draw, you must try to make your drawing accurate enough within that time for the next player to guess what it is. The game is best for ages 12+ and works well for groups of 4 and above. 



Catan is perfect for families who want to sit down and become immersed in a different world for at least an hour. Designed for 3-4 players, this popular game focuses on building settlements, cities, and roads on the island of Catan. Whoever becomes the dominant force and earns 10 points first is the winner. 

If your family is larger than 4, Catan offers an expansion pack to allow 5 or 6 players to take part. For families with children aged 6-9, Catan Junior has simplified rules and a shorter playing time to keep younger brains entertained. 


Best Family Card Games


Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

The Blue Orange game Taco Goat Cheese Pizza is easy to learn, quick to play, and lots of fun. Like a unique version of Irish Snap, players take it in turns to put down a card while saying either taco/cat/goat/cheese/pizza in sequence. If a card is placed which matches the word said aloud, all players must race to ‘snap’ by putting their hand down on the deck. Watch out for special action cards where players must complete silly actions like clapping your hands above your head to make a Narwhal horn before putting your hand on the deck. 

Designed for 2-8 players aged 8+, have fast-paced fun with all the family with this card game.



Dobble is the family favourite that keeps on giving. If you haven’t heard of it already, the original game consists of 55 cards that each contain 8 symbols. Between each card, there will always be a symbol that matches - it could be a different size but there will always be one that is the same symbol. Enjoy exploring the five different mini games you can play with your cards and watch the whole family become gripped. 

With the success of Dobble, there are now many different variations available to suit every member of the family. Most games are for ages 6+ but you can find sets that are perfect for younger children like Dobble Paw Patrol, Dobble Kids, and Dobble Gruffalo. With its compact size, Dobble makes for the perfect family game to transport everywhere you go.

Throw Throw Burrito

Described as a dodgeball card game, Throw Throw Burrito is a game like no other. From the game developers Exploding Kittens, your aim is to match sets of cards whilst simultaneously avoiding being hit by a spongey burrito that comes flying your way! Gain points by matching sets of cards, but if you come into contact with a burrito you’ll lose them.

Suitable for ages 7+, this hilarious game is for families who want to bring some silliness to their gaming experience. If you worry about the burritos hitting something they shouldn’t in the house, the game works superbly outside. 



The original Codenames is a spy-based party card game for 4 or more players. Two teams each have a ‘Spymaster’ who gives one-word clues so that their teammates can find their team’s secret agents. Be careful which cards you choose, as if you pick the assassin the game is over! 

If everyone is comfy in the living room, Codenames XXL means that you don’t have to get up close and personal to the game board to see, as the cards have been made in giant form. Also, if you’ve got younger participants, Disney Codenames and The Simpsons Codenames

could be more suitable, using a mix of picture and word cards. 

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We hope this list has provided you with some entertaining family game options you might not have considered before! For even more inspiration, explore our Family Games page or even look at our full collection of board games.