• Brand
    • Hasbro UK 1
    • Mattel 1
    • USA-OPOLY 9
  • Family
    • - 2
    • ChessNintendo 1
    • Nintendo 5
    • Super Mario 2
    • UNO 1
  • Age Range
    • 0 8
    • 7+ 2
    • 8+ 1
  • Number of Players
    • 2 1
    • - 10
  • Sub Category
    • Board Games 8
    • Card Games 1
    • Puzzles 2

About Super Mario Games

Super Mario Board Games offer an exciting twist on classic gaming experiences, bringing the beloved Super Mario characters and themes to the tabletop. Within our range of Super Mario games, you’ll find themed versions of classic board games, as well as fun Super Mario jigsaw puzzles.

Mario Monopoly

Mario Monopoly takes the iconic Monopoly gameplay and infuses it with the vibrant world of Super Mario. Players can buy, sell, and trade familiar locations, such as the Mushroom Kingdom, and collect beloved characters like Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach as they compete to dominate the board.

Other Mario Games

Mario Chess combines strategic chess gameplay with the charm of Super Mario, featuring beautifully designed chess pieces inspired by beloved characters. If you’re looking for a card game, Super Mario Uno infuses the familiar rules of Uno with Mario-themed cards, introducing exciting twists and challenges. This range of games provides a fun and nostalgic way to enjoy the Super Mario Universe for both kids and adults.