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Format Games

You may know Matt Edmondson as a radio one DJ or TV presenter, but you may not know he is the brains behind Format Games’ feel-good fun collection of games!

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Partnering with his brother-in-law, Laurence Emmett, the pair joined forces in lockdown 2020 to create Format Games. The indie label first entered the game space with their highly successful Ansagrams game, and have not slowed down since. By putting a spin on expected game rules, get your brain in gear and think carefully before giving your answer! A lot of Format Games are focused on a wordy twist, including giving your answers backwards in The Backwards Game or answering So Wrong It’s Right.
After the viral debate in March 2022 that left people arguing, ‘are there more doors or wheels in the world?’, Matt was inspired. Their Wheels vs Doors game is not only entertaining, it’s educational, as you choose which is larger out of two things. Are there more airports or hippos? Explore the whole range of fast-paced games from Format Games to find your new family favourite. If you want to see where you could buy these games, take advantage of our local game store finder tool.