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Quick Board & Card Games

Are you in need of a fast and entertaining game to fill the time? Well you’re in the right place for the best quick board games and card games.

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About our range of Quick Board Games

Sometimes you don’t want to spend hours playing a board game, you just want something you can reach for in those moments of boredom for 15-30 minutes. We have some great fast games to entertain you without spending hours setting up and playing.

They are also a great introduction to board games for younger players whose attention span doesn't quite stretch to some of the household names such as Ticket to Ride and Catan. So, these quick games to play are a fantastic option to include into your collection to keep them occupied.

Quick card games

When you’re not wanting a long game, there are some superb quick card games to choose from. Warning, you might enjoy them so much that you’ll play more than once though!

A firm favourite among many households, Dobble is the smash-hit game all about fast reactions. With 5 minigames to play, each round is short but so addictive it’ll keep you wanting more. 

With the practical small size of card games, they’re perfect to travel with as you can play in all kinds of locations, such as while waiting in an airport or at a restaurant. If you’re off on holiday this year, you can explore more travel games to keep you entertained.

Quick party games

If you’re having a gathering of friends or family members, this is a great time to introduce some fun quick games to break the ice and get the party started.

With a play time of around 10 minutes, Jungle Speed focuses on observation skills and quick reflexes to grab the wooden totem in the quickest time. For ages 6 and above, this short game can be played by the whole family. 

You can visit our Party Games page for further inspiration on games that are perfect to play in group settings.

Our favourite pocket games

Majority of our quick games can be easily put into your pocket and taken anywhere with you, whether you’re going on a car journey, relaxing at the pub or wanting to kill some time in the aeroplane. Here is a list of our favourites: 


Cobra Paw


100 PICS