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About the One Piece Card Game

With the popularity of One Piece manga, anime, and movies, the franchise has grown to now include trading card games! 

The One Piece collectible card game is focused on accumulating and trading themed cards showing characters from throughout the history of One Piece. You might even spot your favourite famous scene on a card! You can find a range of starter decks which can be built upon, including Straw Hat, Worst Generation, Animal Kingdom Pirates and more. Once you’ve acquired a core pack of cards, you can expand your collection with amazing booster packs.

How To Play One Piece Card Game

Build your deck by combining five different types of cards to create your own custom pirate crew. Each card offers a character with different abilities, strengths and points, meaning you must make your choices carefully. Taking the familiar mechanics of a modern trading card game, players take turns to battle their opponent with their choice of cards. Who will be the first to bring their rival’s points down to zero and claim victory? Use your cards strategically on the official One Piece Playmat in this risk vs reward gameplay.

The One Piece game is set to become popular among collectors too, as each card stuns with impressive character artwork including original pieces. Because of this, you’ll want to store your cards safely to protect your collection. You could choose between different coloured One Piece card cases or official sleeves to do this.