Board Games Similar to The Traitors

Board Games Similar to The Traitors

Board Games Similar to The Traitors

The hit TV show The Traitors UK captured the nation’s attention and left everybody longing for more. If you’re missing the thrill of seeing the traitor’s lies and shouting at the screen during the roundtable, you could bring the drama to your own home by playing board games grounded in deception. Within this blog, we’ll take a look at the games to spice up your next social gathering and let you experience the excitement and nerves of becoming a traitor.

The Traitors Card Game


We couldn’t kick this blog off with anything but the official The Traitors Card Game published by Ginger Fox. Described as the ‘ultimate test of trust and treachery’, grab 4-8 players and secretly take on the roles of Traitors and Faithfuls. 

Following the rules of the TV show, all players must work together to build up a central pot of gold whilst the Traitors try to remain undetected. Will the Traitors manage to make it to the end and steal the prize fund?

Werewolves of Miller's Hollow


The Traitors has been compared to playing Werewolves, the all-time-classic social deduction game. Designed for larger groups, Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow is for 8-18 players. The game takes place in a village which is haunted by werewolves - players will take on the roles of werewolves, townsfolk, and other characters like the Sheriff or the Witch. 

Werewolves must secretly kill a villager at night who is then revealed in the day. The remaining villagers must then vote for who they think a werewolf is, whilst the werewolves must try and bluff their way to victory.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

one night

Looking for a faster party game? One Night Ultimate Werewolf takes only 10 minutes to play and is suitable for a group of 3-10 players. The difference with this game is that there is no moderator and no elimination, so you only have one chance to identify the hidden werewolves amongst you before they devour the innocent villagers. 

If you're looking for a quick, suspenseful, and portable social deduction game that captures the essence of The Traitors, One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a must-try. Considering the game is so short, and produces a different experience every time, you’ll want to play over and over again!

Blood on the Clocktower

blood on the clocktower

This epic game puts a team of Good against Evil as a demon terrorises the small village of Ravenswood Bluff. The demon and its Evil followers spread lies and bluff so as not to be caught, whereas the Good team try to execute the demon before it's too late. One player takes on the important role of the Storyteller who guides the experience, ‘waking’ players so they can either gather information or be mischievous.

Both The Traitors and Blood on the Clocktower are full of suspense and betrayal, as players never know who to trust. This exciting bluffing game for 5 to 20 players is sure to keep everyone engaged for the whole evening. 




Skull is the ultimate game of bluffing and risk-taking! Players use flower and skull discs to try to guess how many discs they can flip without revealing a skull. The last player standing wins the game. Like The Traitors, Skull is all about deception and reading your opponents - who will have the best poker face to succeed?




This short but engaging game for 2-6 players is about using your character cards to take down your opponents. Players can challenge each other's claims, and if they're successful, the challenged player loses a card. The last player to have a face-down character card wins the game. 

Coup is all about hidden roles, alliances, and backstabbing. You need to be able to form alliances with other players, but also be prepared to betray them when you need to. 


The Resistance


This social deduction game for 5-10 players is about trying to complete missions as a team of Resistance members while figuring out who the spies are among you. Players vote on which players they trust to go on missions, and if the mission is successful, the Resistance gets closer to winning. If the mission fails, the Imperial spies get closer to winning.

The Resistance is all about hidden identities, social deduction, and trying to root out traitors.



Werewords is a fast-paced word association game with thrilling twists. Similar to The Traitors, everyone in Werewords has a secret role - some players are villagers, working together to guess a secret word, while others are werewolves, aiming to mislead and prevent them from succeeding. The wordy twist means that villagers must work together to guess the secret word through yes/no questions, while the werewolves try to steer them off track with wrong answers.

With its simple rules and games lasting only 10 minutes, Werewords is perfect for all players aged 8 and over.

Bring the thrill of The Traitors to your next game night

Whether you’re looking for a whole night of bluffing and strategy or just a quick 10-minute game, our list has taken you through all different types of board games that capture the same spirit as The Traitors. So gather your friends, choose your game, and get ready for a night of deception and deduction! 

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