Matt Edmondson and Format Games launch a campaign to save the name Karen from extinction by offering the chance of a lifetime's supply of board games to anyone prepared to legally change their name to Karen.

The name Karen has plummeted in popularity over recent years.

As creator of the board game ‘Karen’, TV Presenter, Radio DJ and game inventor Matt Edmondson, is on a mission with his company Format Games to save the name from mass extinction by paying up to 100 people to change their name by deed poll to… you guessed it… Karen.

According to data from the Social Security Administration (SSA) the name Karen is at risk of being wiped out. In 1965 there were 33,000 new Karens born, compared to just 325 in 2020. 

That is a 99% decrease in new Karens.

In recent years, the word ‘Karen’ has taken on a new meaning- describing an entitled individual who likes to complain and whilst the game Karen is all about complaints- featuring hilarious real world one star reviews of products, places and things, Format Games believes its important to draw a distinction between people called Karen, and Karens.

“Karen is a beautiful name that deserves to live on for generations,” said Matt. “The majority of people called Karen are not Karens, unless they complain about the game Karen, in which case they may find themselves inhabiting both definitions. It’s our mission to repopulate the name Karen into the world- all we need is some willing volunteers!”

Format Games is offering to pay £42.44, the cost of altering a name via deed poll, to up to 100 people who are willing to change their name to Karen. One successful applicant will also receive a lifetime’s supply of Format Games games. Successful applicants must not already be named Karen and must provide proof that they have changed their name to Karen. For more information visit

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