Best Christmas Board Games

Best Christmas Board Games

Best Christmas Board Games

There's nothing quite like Christmas and family get-togethers, but sometimes you need a source of entertainment to get the festivities going. The Christmas season is a time to bring loved ones together, have good food, and play Christmas board games! 

We’ve put together a list of games to play at Christmas that are designed especially for the festive period. From Christmas jigsaw puzzles to seasonal versions of your favourite board games, there’s lots of choice for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for Christmas party games or Christmas games for adults, there’s a great range of different types of fun games you’re sure to find something you like.

Christmas Board Games for Families

1. Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Merry Madness

Help Jack Skellington to deliver toys in Christmas Town in this fast-paced dice game. Recommended for 3 to 5 players aged 6 and over, the aim of the game is to be the first player to get the presents in Sandy Claw’s bag. 

This game is popular with fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas, with a spooky twist on your average Christmas game. For ages 6 and above, and lasting only 10-15 minutes, this is a great quick game to keep groups entertained.

2. 100 PICS Christmas Jokes

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some punny festive jokes. Don’t limit yourself to your Christmas cracker jokes when you can have 100 in your hand with 100 PICS Christmas Jokes edition. 

What makes this game unique is that the answer to the joke is hidden behind a sliding door, so everyone can take part and guess the punchline! This child friendly card game is the perfect gift to play while you’re waiting for your Christmas dinner.

3. Patchwork Christmas Edition

Patchwork is a game loved by many households, so you may be glad to hear there’s a festive version of it! Made for 2 players, this edition of Patchwork is redesigned with beautiful Christmas pieces.  

This great Christmas gift game is perfect to give to a fan of board games, or add it to your own collection to bring out over the festive period.

Christmas Card Games

4.Holiday Hijinks The Kringle Caper

Holiday Hijinks The Kringle Caper is a collaborative escape room style game where players must work together to solve a mystery at the North Pole. As a team, solve puzzles over 18 cards to ensure Santa makes it in time to catch the last sleigh home. 

This game works in collaboration with an app, where you can use it to check your answers, be told which card to read next, and get hints if you need them. Designed for 1 to 4 players, and taking approximately an hour to complete, this is a great game option in the run up to Christmas when you’re looking for something festive to do at home.

5. Gudetama The Tricky Egg Card Game (Holiday Edition)

In this holiday edition of Gudetama, the aim is to be the player with the lowest points at the end of the card game. Using a 63 card deck that is numbered 1 – 14, this game is known as ‘trick taking’ wherein the last trick determines the points of the game. 

Each round consists of 7 tricks, which is then played over several rounds. When a player’s score reaches 21 points, the person who has the lowest score is the winner. For a non-Christmas version of the game, check out the original Gudetama: The Tricky Egg Card Game. In the holiday edition of Gudetama, you will see great Christmas themed egg cards. Overall, this game is a great stocking filler to be played with 2 - 7 people.

6. Unstable Unicorns Christmas Special Expansion

This festive expansion pack is designed to be played in collaboration with the original Unstable Unicorns game. This Christmas Special pack adds holiday-themed characters, magic cards, upgrades, and downgrades.

This is a great choice to buy as a present if you know someone already has the Unstable Unicorns game, or expand your own collection to play with friends and family.

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

7. Harry Potter: Christmas at Hogwarts 550 Piece Puzzle

There’s something about Harry Potter that has the same warm feeling of Christmas. If you’re a fan, or know someone who is, you might be interested in a Christmas at Hogwarts jigsaw puzzle. 

This 18" x 24" puzzle has 550 pieces and is a great game to bring together older and younger generations. A jigsaw puzzle offers the thrill of finding the right piece and gives children the opportunity to concentrate and problem solve.

8.Super Mario Happy Holidays 1000-Piece Puzzle

For fans of Super Mario Bros, this festive jigsaw puzzle is a great option if you’re having a calming night in. Get in the festive spirit with this puzzle with all your favourite characters as well as holly leaves, ornaments, and other winter symbols.

As you can see, there are many Christmas themed games which are perfect for when you’re having a cosy night at home on the lead up to the big day or if you’re looking for something to entertain family with on Christmas Day. If you’d like more inspiration for games to play over Christmas, check out our gift guide.