Board Game Storage Ideas

Board Game Storage Ideas

Board Game Storage Ideas

Board games can be found in all shapes and sizes, making them difficult to appear ‘tidy’ in the home. Don’t fret, however, as there are many ways to organise your games to maximise space and efficiency in your room whilst keeping your games safe. Whether you have large and bulky board games or want to care for your trading card games, we’ve compiled some ideas for how to store your prized possessions.

How to store board games

The way you choose to store your games will depend on the size of your collection and whether your focus is to show off or hide away your games. Our storage ideas can be found below:


Stacked on shelving

If you’re proud of your collection and want to show it off, stacking your games on shelves, bookcases, or in cupboards is often where board games belong. For players who don’t want to splash out on new furniture, looking out for second-hand options in charity shops and online auctions could bag you a bargain. 

Categorise your games

You could choose to organise your games on shelves into different categories, such as:

  • The number of players for each game.
  • The genre e.g. strategy, card games, party games.
  • Ordered in terms of favourites as a household.
  • Colour - for aesthetic reasons, you could have a rainbow of board games 

In storage boxes

One common and simple solution is to pack away games in storage boxes. Choosing different-sized boxes in the same design can help to create a coherent look in the room whilst providing you with the space to store your games. You could buy storage boxes already in a certain colour to match your decor, or you could take the time to paint or wrap boxes in wallpaper to be complimentary to the room. Stackable boxes are useful to keep the games isolated to only one corner of a room, rather than scattered around. 

How to organise storage boxes

You may want clear plastic boxes to see what games are in each box, or you could organise your boxes and label them so you know where each game is and you can always ensure they are put back where they came from. You could choose to label boxes according to different categories e.g. the names of all the games in the box or an overarching group like role-playing games. 

Deck boxes

If you own trading card games and want to protect your cards, Deck Boxes offer a great solution. A card storage box such as this provides you with a great way to transport your cards while keeping them in the best condition. To match your cards to the storage boxes, we have over a hundred different types of Magic: The Gathering deck boxes, as well as colourful Pokemon deck boxes

Carry games in backpacks or bags

ENHANCE offers a wonderful range of bags and backpacks to transport and store board games. Their Board Games & Puzzles Backpack, for example, allows you to keep your board games stored nicely whether you’re at home or on the move. When it comes to your next board game night, simply slip the bag on your back and you’re sorted! 


For big fans of role-playing games, there are specially designed RPG bags for these game players, as well as a Trading Card Game version which prevents cards from moving whilst in the bag. 

Trading card storage

Trading cards are smaller than big board game boxes but arguably need more care than their larger counterparts. Some trading cards are rare and worth a lot of money, but they can only maintain their high value if cared for effectively. By investing in protective storage, you can ensure your cards remain in perfect condition for years to come.

Card sleeves

Card sleeves protect your precious game cards from wear and tear to ensure they remain in peak condition. The individual plastic sleeves mean you’ll prevent any tears, folded corners or sticky fingers from damaging your cards. 

Choose from a wide range of colours to suit your preferences, including green, pink, blue, and black. For a more specialist option, you may want to pick Pokemon card sleeves or MTG card sleeves.

Binders and pocket pages 

Different to individual sleeves, binders and pocket pages offer pages of individual pockets to store your cards. Showcasing your cards in a binder means you can flick through and see your cards without hiding them away. Again, you can find a wide range of pocket pages in different colours and designs.

Invest in the future of your games

The more you care for your games now, the longer you can enjoy them for years to come. By investing in board game or card game storage, you can guarantee no missing pieces or damages. 

For more storage products and accessories, visit our dedicated Accessories page.