Board Games to Play at Easter

Board Games to Play at Easter

Board Games to Play at Easter

Easter marks the start of Spring, a time for pastel colours and cute animals galore. If you’re wondering what to do during the Easter break, board games can be the greatest addition to family gatherings or provide relaxing fun while you’re at home. After delicious food and festive egg hunts, it's time for some egg-cellent games! From bunnies to birds, explore our list of fun Easter games. 


In this exciting dice rolling game, players aim to score points for rolling chickens while avoiding pesky foxes. Players earn points for rolling chickens, rolling eggs means a new die is hatched, but if 3 or more foxes are rolled then you go bust. So, the more dice you roll the more likely you are to roll too many foxes. Will you chicken out when playing this push-your-luck game? 

Taking only 10-20 minutes to play, this game is fantastic to bring out as a quick burst of fun over the Easter break. 

Egg Slam


In this crazy colour-mixing game, players race to shout out the colours of eggs laid by rainbow birds. Each card has either a red, yellow, or blue bird with a different background colour to the bird. Once a player places an egg card down, you must shout out what colour the two birds, or two backgrounds, make when combined. Whoever calls out the correct colour first wins the egg card and at the end of the game, the person with the most egg cards wins!

Egg Slam is a great game for little ones over 5 who are learning about mixing colours. There is no age limit with the card game, however, so the whole family can get involved over Easter.



Taking a more sophisticated approach to Easter games, Wingspan is a beautifully designed board game focused on birds. Every player takes on the role of a bird enthusiast who is trying to attract unique birds to their nature reserve. Players earn points by playing bird cards, laying eggs, and placing food tokens, and the player with the most points at the end wins.

Ditch Easter eggs for speckled bird eggs and immerse yourself in the world of birdwatching.

Hurry Up Chicken Butt


This is a silly game of jumping, laughing, and animal noises. Shake the chicken to see what action you have to perform based on coloured cards. Once you’ve completed your action, pass the chicken to the next player. 

Designed for players aged 4 and over, get your kids releasing energy and exercising without them even realising. Since the game is designed to ensure everyone has an equal chance of winning, there’ll be no arguments about special treatment. Regardless of age or skill, everyone can have a great time with Hurry Up Chicken Butt.

Gudetama: The Tricky Egg Card Game


Calling all fans of this adorable lazy egg! Gudetama: The Tricky Egg Card Game is well worth picking up this Easter. 

Ideal for a handful of players or groups of up to seven, this fun, fast, and easy-to-play card game sees each player dealt seven cards. From there, players take turns to match the value of the card played, or play the lowest-value card in their hand. 

The winner is decided in the final round, in which you score based on the value of the card you play. Score low to win, and see exactly how tactical your friends have been playing as they smugly reveal their low-value cards. Despite the fun twist, it’s a relaxing, light-hearted game that really embodies the spirit of Gudetama (lazy egg).

Bunny Hops!

Designed to be great family fun, Bunny Hops! is for 4-16 players aged 10 and over. Players have to mime, impersonate, and dance to give clues to their teammate who has to guess what’s on their cards within one minute. The team who collects the most points after each round on the board wins!

With more than 450 cards and 900 words to guess, the game is easily replayable and has an Easter bunny theme. 



For Easter gamers looking for a strategic challenge, Root offers a deep and asymmetric experience. In the game, players battle for control of the great woodland by taking on one of four factions - the cats, the eyrie, the alliance, and the vagabond. 

Spring woodland themed, this game is a night of fun and is best played by just adults or families with older children. 



Dixit is an award-winning card game full of imagination and storytelling. One player takes on the role of the storyteller and picks one card from the six in their hand to describe in a sentence. Each other player selects a card that best suits this sentence and passes it to the storyteller. After revealing all the cards, players must guess which card belongs to the storyteller.

The slight nod to Easter in this game is the rabbit tokens you around the board. Overall, this is a fun, interesting game that is a great option to get family together. 

Embrace board games over Easter

This Easter, gather your family and friends, ditch the screens, and have a wonderful time with board games. Get ready to create some lasting memories filled with laughter, fun and a bit of friendly competition. If you’re still on the lookout for board games for gatherings, explore our range of Party Games at Asmodee.