Elector Counts Card Game Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

RRP £27.99

Publisher: Cubicle Seven

Game Type: Standalone

Subcategory: Board Games

Family: Warhanmer Fantasy Roleplay

Number of Players: 2-4

SKU: CB72434

Elector Counts contains everything you need to vie for control of the Empire. This box contains a set of English rules, 112 game cards, a set of tokens and a player aid card. Designed to mimic the card games enjoyed by ruffians, gamblers and adventurers in inns and taverns across the Empire, Elector Counts is the perfect companion game to enjoy between your adventures in the Old World. The cards are gloriously illustrated in art new and old, with iconic pieces joining novel depictions of the loyal soldiers, iconic locations and famous personages of the Empire.

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