• Collection
    • - 6
    • Elder Scrolls 2
    • Elder Scrolls Call To Arms 9
    • Ironsworn 3
    • The Elder Scrolls 20
  • Product Type
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    • Board Games 1
    • Card Games 5
    • Miniatures 32

About Skyrim Games

The Skyrim board game takes you on a wild adventure playing as surviving members of the Blades in the world of Skyrim. 

In this legacy cooperative game, every player builds a unique character each with their own weapons, spells and armour. Players move their characters around the game board with fantastic miniatures, following different chapters in two huge campaigns.

The Elder Scrolls games are full of adventure and exploration, as players take part in epic quests, travel across the Skyrim wilderness and battle enemies. You might come across ancient ruins, dragons, mysterious characters, tombs, and even frostbite spiders. Every decision you make impacts how the game evolves, so make your choices carefully!

Skyrim Expansions

With a Skyrim expansion, you can extend your gameplay with further campaigns, characters, treasures and more. The Dawnguard expansion is a favourite, allowing you to play with 4 more hero miniatures across 3 new chapters based on the Dawnguard plot. Skyrim games offer you hours and hours of entertainment and are endlessly replayable.