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Put your clairvoyance skills to the test to solve a murder mystery in this engrossing, cooperative board game.

Mysterium Board Game

Thirty years ago, a shocking murder was committed at the Mysterium Manor, leaving behind a restless ghost to haunt the grounds. Can you work together to figure out the murder mystery? In this thrilling asymmetrical multiplayer game, one player acts as the ghost, communicating through visions to give clues, while all other players are mediums using a séance to investigate how the murder took place.

You only have seven hours (rounds) to solve the mystery to determine the suspect, crime location and object used in the murder. If one or more mediums fail to uncover what happened, the ghost will dissipate and the mystery remains unsolved. If all mediums guess correctly, then you’ve won the game and the ghost can rest peacefully.

Mysterium Expansion

There are two Mysterium expansion packs available, which can be used individually or in combination to create a different playing experience. Expansion packs must be used in conjunction with the Mysterium base box.