A new destination in the Ticket to Ride Cities line: BERLIN!

A new destination in the Ticket to Ride Cities line: BERLIN!

A new destination in the Ticket to Ride Cities line: BERLIN!

Build trams and subways to connect classic landmarks around Germany’s capital

Ticket to Ride: Berlin, the fifth release in the “Cities” line of Alan R. Moon’s celebrated game, will be available in August 2023. This line is made of standalone games that are shorter and smaller than the classic edition. After New York, London, Amsterdam and San Francisco, players will make routes in a new famous city. This version takes place in the current day. The map covers all of Berlin’s downtown area, from the Zoo, Alexanderplatz, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate… All these cultural references make it a joy to play. Live the Berliner experience, thanks to illustrations by Julien Delval and the “tram” and “subway” cars modeled after the capital’s iconic transportation.

A new challenge 

Just like in every other “City” edition, Ticket to Ride: Berlin adds a new twist to the rules. Now, you will have to efficiently use the German capital’s different methods of transportation: trams and subways. You have to make careful choices, since the number of tram and subway cars are limited! These new trains add strategic choices that are accessible to beginners, but will be especially enjoyable for experienced players. 

Ticket to Ride: Berlin is one of the best ways to jump into the Ticket to Ride universe. The game is designed for players ages 8 and up, with simple rules that the whole family can learn quickly. Take it on the go and have a full Ticket to Ride experience in just 15 minutes, whether you’re playing at home or at the bar with your friends. 

Ticket to Ride: Berlin will be available starting August 2023 for RRP £21.99 

Number of players: 2-4 
Ages: 8+ 
Game length: 10-15 min. 

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