The Best Star Wars Games

The Best Star Wars Games

The Best Star Wars Games

Star Wars is one of the biggest media franchises to exist, which is why there’s no wonder that great themed board games have been developed over the years. Star Wars board games offer you an opportunity to play as some of your favourite characters and immerse yourself in the galaxy far, far away.

If you’re looking for a new Star Wars game to add to your collection, this list will provide you with lots of great options. All Star Wars games offer something different, so we’ll explore role playing games, strategy games, and card games. May the force be with you choosing between these great games!

Star Wars: Rebellion

This strategy game, published by Fantasy Flight Games, offers players the chance to reenact the epic conflict in the Star Wars galaxy. Star Wars: Rebellion is an asymmetrical game, meaning that players have different goals to achieve depending on whether they’re playing as the competing Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance. 

If you’re a part of the Galactic Empire, you’ll work towards finding the Rebel Alliance to destroy their base, whereas the Rebel Alliance attempts to avoid being found and sabotage their competitors. The Star Wars Rebellion board game has received strong positive reviews as well as earned multiple awards.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault

The Imperial Assault board game is a strategy game that offers two completely different methods of play. The campaign game involves following exciting missions focused on the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance with up to four friends. The skirmish game, on the other hand, pits you and one friend against each other to battle head-to-head over different objectives.

Imperial Assault is enjoyed by expert wargamers and passionate boardgamers but also works as a great introduction of role playing games for beginners. After you’ve got comfortable with your Imperial Assault Core Set, you can extend your playing further with great Imperial Assault expansions.

Star Wars: Outer Rim

In this unique Star Wars game, players aim to become more famous through taking dangerous jobs, taking bounties, dodging patrols or improving their ship at the Outer Rim. Play through your favourite rogues including Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Han Solo, and Bossk. The thematic game, created by Fantasy Flight Games, challenges players to become famous and build their own legacy while avoiding the dangers of the Outer Rim.

Star Wars X-Wing

X-Wing is a Star Wars miniatures game focused on fierce ship-to-ship combat in space. The Rebel X-Wings and Imperial TIE fighters battle it out for one to reign supreme. Each round, you’ll plan a course for your ship to move through, attempting to outmanoeuvre your opponent. There are three unique missions to complete, each with different victory conditions. Featuring beautiful pre-painted miniatures, can you manoeuvre your squadron to beat your opponent in this thrilling aerial battle?

Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game

If you’re a Star Wars fanatic, you might have already heard of, or own, the games we’ve discussed so far. We want to include some new games in our list too, which are set to become favourites among fans. One of these is Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game - a head-to-head card game where the Galactic Empire fights against the Rebel Alliance.

In this two player game, you’ll both work to strengthen the power of your starting decks to ultimately destroy each other's bases. The first person to destroy three of their opponent's bases wins!

Star Wars: Legion

Lead your troops to victory in Star Wars: Legion, the epic miniatures game. Played over six rounds, two players battle head-to-head to gain victory tokens through completing objectives. Will you choose to have the iconic villain Darth Vader or the legendary jedi master Luke Skywalker in your army?

If you enjoy this game, Star Wars: Legion Clone Wars offers the opportunity to battle during the events of the prequel trilogy. In this instance, players will compete as either the Galactic Republic or Separatist Alliance. 

Star Wars: Shatterpoint 

Another new game to look out for in 2023 is Star Wars: Shatterpoint - a fantastic miniatures skirmish game for two players. Battle for the fate of the galaxy with your own miniatures team composed of iconic Star Wars characters, which you can paint yourself. Mix and match your favourite characters so that you have a team filled with a great range of abilities and skills. These unique characteristics control the flow of battle, wherein each team takes part in tense duels to achieve battlefield objectives.

Will Shick, Director of Product Development at AMG, says they wanted to “create a Star Wars miniatures game experience that felt like it had come straight out of the animated lineups of the ’80s and ’90s”. 

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