Dobble the Fun with Capri-Sun

Dobble the Fun with Capri-Sun

Dobble the Fun with Capri-Sun

Number one kids’ juice drink brand Capri-Sun collaborates with Zygomatic on a new promotional campaign featuring the popular game Dobble

This spring, Capri-Sun and Zygomatic Studio - part of the Asmodee Group - are teaming up for a promotional campaign featuring two iconic brands: Capri-Sun and Dobble. This "Dobble the Fun" campaign will give buyers of Capri-Sun juice drinks the chance to learn about Dobble and win games every day!

‘Dobble the Fun’ Promotion 

Capri-Sun is launching a new grocery promotion in partnership with Dobble. Running throughout March and April across Capri-Sun juice drink and Capri-Sun Multivitamin Double Strength Squash displays in grocery outlets, shoppers will be able to scan QR codes on eye-catching POS to enter a daily prize draw to win a Dobble Classic pack.

By scanning the code, consumers will also be taken to a site where they can enter the promotion, play Dobble online and learn more about the game.

Capri-Sun, the taste of fun

Capri-Sun is the tasty, refreshing drinks brand, loved by generations.

A delicious drink with great fruity flavours, with the mission to create carefree moments for families. And our portfolio is free of artificial colours or flavours. Perfect for family days out, picnics, after school activities, on-the-go or just because you feel like it. There’s a Capri-Sun for every taste and occasion. Capri-Sun is the no.1 kids juice drinks brand in grocery and convenience worth almost £62m.

Spot the match in the popular Dobble game

First launched in 2009, Dobble has sold over 33 million units worldwide. This game of speed and observation includes 55 round cards with 8 symbols each. Each card has only one symbol in common with every other card. The goal is simple: be the first to spot the match to win!

With its accessible, colourblind-friendly, gameplay and small tin box perfect for on-the-go, Dobble is the perfect card game for the whole family, and it is sure to be a hit with Capri-Sun buyers.


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