Board games for 4 year olds

Board games for 4 year olds

Board games for 4 year olds

If your little ones are too young to understand the rules of certain board games, it’s a great growing experience to instil confidence through choosing games appropriate for their age. It can be difficult to sift through thousands of games in the UK checking the recommended age limit, which is why we’ve created this list for you. Explore a range of different types of board games, including kids versions of some of the most popular games on the market.

What are the benefits of board games?

For younger children, board games offer a great method of learning that doesn’t feel like your average school lesson! As your 4 year old starts to expand their comprehension of words and numbers, games are a great way of improving these skills. Not only this, but board games for kids are a fantastic way to practise teamwork and improve dexterity. 

Below you can see our pick of the best board games for 4 year olds, that will keep them entertained for hours!

My First Bananagrams

You may have heard of the smash-hit game Bananagrams, but did you know there is a children’s version of the game made especially for pre-readers and early learners? Using lowercase letters and word-building, combo-letter tiles, My First Bananagrams is a fantastic way of nurturing your child’s language proficiency.

The aim for the game is starting off with recognising letters, then creating words, and finally achieving the goal of creating an intersecting crossword with these words. There are lots of mini games to play, which can be chosen based on your child’s age and ability. These mini games offer a step-by-step method of working towards playing a full game of Bananagrams. 

Their well-recognised yellow pouch to keep tiles in is found in green for the kids version, following the life cycle of a banana they start out green before turning yellow!

My First Castle Panic

If you’re looking for a game focused on teamwork, choosing a cooperative game is a great option. In My First Castle Panic, players work together to defeat a group of monsters which are coming to smash up your castle. Aside from working as a team, the game also encourages identifying different colours and shapes, problem solving and taking turns. 

Use your cards to kick the monsters off the path towards the castle - the team wins if you manage to lock all of the monsters in the dungeon before the castle is destroyed.

Dobble Kids

Although the original Dobble game is for kids aged 6 and above, there are many versions of Dobble available which are perfect for 4 year olds. The card game encourages players to use their observation skills and working memory to match identical symbols between one card and another

The great thing about Dobble is that you can find the same fun mechanics in different styles depending on your child’s interests. Based on your children’s favourite movies and shows, you can choose between Paw Patrol Dobble, Disney Princess Dobble, Pixar Dobble, Gruffalo Dobble and Frozen Dobble.


Concept Kids

Based on the original Concept game, this cooperative kids version has been adapted to suit children who don’t know how to read yet. Your child gives you clues through cards for you to guess an animal - clues could include the colour and pattern of the animal’s body, where they live and what they eat.

This cooperative game allows children to discover different animals and learn facts about them. Another benefit of the game is that it is a good option to keep bigger groups of children entertained as the recommended player count is 2 to 12.

Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Champion

This fun Peppa Pig game takes children aged 4 and above on a journey of stomping in muddy puddles. Players choose to take on the role of Peppa or George and must jump in puddles that match the colour of their boots before the music stops. Your little one will love how the puddles flash different colours! 

For fans of Peppa Pig, this is a great family choice for 2-4 players which helps your child with colour recognition.

My First Monopoly

Monopoly is a classic board game in most UK households, so there’s no surprise that the creators have developed a child-friendly version of the board game for 4 year olds and above. In My First Monopoly, you can find a two-sided board - one side focuses on counting and matching, whereas the other side targets reading and maths. For children aged 4, it’s recommended to start on the counting and matching side. 

You’ll find all of the usual components of Monopoly including cute tokens, fake money and cards, but a simplified gaming experience. For families, this board game is a great learning tool to play over years.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

The Hungry Hippos game has been around since 1978 but is still a firm favourite in households today. In this classic kids game, you’ll find 4 plastic hippos placed around a gameboard. When you press the lever on your hippo, it will extend its neck and open its mouth to gobble up plastic marbles. As every player tries to gather the most marbles, the person with the most at the end wins.

A national classic, you can’t go wrong with a game of Hungry Hippos.

Pop Up Pirate

In this popular game of luck, children take turns to insert swords into slots on the pirate’s barrel. Each turn, there will be a different slot that triggers the mechanism for the pirate to go flying! Your aim is to avoid this unknown slot, since the player that makes Pirate Pete pop out of his barrel is eliminated. 

We hope this list of games has given you inspiration for what to play with your 4 year old. If you want to see even more fantastic kids games, you can take a look on our website.