Best Miniatures Games

Best Miniatures Games

Best Miniatures Games

The popularity of Miniatures games continues to soar, and it’s no surprise why. With a rich history and a vast range of miniatures games to choose from, there are endless experiences to be had. Not to mention that collecting and customising miniatures for your favourite games is addictive in and of itself! 

To help both newcomers and experienced gamers pick out the best miniatures games to get involved with in 2023, our article features our choice of 5 fantastic games from the most immersive worlds.

1. Star Wars - X Wing Miniatures 

x wing

Take command of Rebel or Imperial pilots in epic ship-to-ship battles with the Star Wars - X Wing miniatures game. With impressively detailed miniatures, you can recreate the thrilling spaceborne battles from the renowned series and face your opponents head on. 

Get started with the Core Set then build your collection with the huge range of expansion packs to choose from. Build your Rebel fleet with the T-65 expansion pack and Delta-7 expansion pack, or grow your collection of Imperial Starships with TIE fighter expansion packs.

2. Star Wars Shatterpoint



For a faster, movement-focused miniatures game, Star Wars Shatterpoint takes the iconic characters out of the starships and puts them on the battlefield for a faster paced gameplay. 

Get started with the Star Wars Shatterpoint core set and get to work building a vibrant world for your characters to battle on. With a host of great squad packs to pick up to expand your team, you’ll be sure to find this another great way to explore the world of Star Wars.

3. Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures

dungeons and dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a miniatures game classic and a great entry point into the world of miniature gaming. Craft your own character and come together with friends to create a party that can take on all sorts of evolving adventures. 

The Dungeons and Dragons miniatures game offers a vast range of characters, play mats, and adventure packs that can take you deep into an immersive fantasy world. Dungeons & Dragons: Phandelver And Below: The Shattered Obelisk is a great example of one of the adventure packs, taking you on an exciting, and sometimes scary, journey with lots of new creatures to discover.

4. A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures

a song of fire and ice

For fans of the Game of Thrones series, A Song of Ice and Fire has a great miniatures game for you to explore. Use strategy and strength to seize the Iron Throne ahead of your competitors. 

This miniatures game puts you right in the centre of the action, as you battle as your family of choosing against your enemies. Take arms as the strong people of Winterfell with the Starks Heroes pack or try to claim back the throne as the cunning Lannisters with the Lannisters Heroes pack. Whichever side you take, the world of Westeros is yours to conquer.

5. Marvel Crisis Protocol 

marvel crisis protocol

Assemble your dream team and take your opponents head on in the rich world of Marvel Crisis Protocol, a miniatures game perfect for Marvel fans who want to bring the fight to the table top. 

None of these superheroes can win the battle alone, so get started with the Crisis Protocol Core Set then build your team up with your favourite characters from the Marvel universe. With powerful teammates to add to the crew, including Doctor Voodoo and Hood, and Doctor Strange and Clea, as well as books that will get you hooked, like Marvel Crisis Protocol: Into the Dark Dimension, there is a whole new universe of Marvel fun to dive into.

6. Explore Miniatures Games from Asmodee 

The engaging world of gaming doesn’t stop here, check out our range of Star Wars games, Game of Thrones games, and Marvel games and see where your next game night could take you.