The Best Family Board Games in 2022

The Best Family Board Games in 2022

The Best Family Board Games in 2022

Looking to upgrade your collection of board games for family game night? We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 board games to play with all members of the family.

We know the old classic board games like Scrabble and Monopoly will always have a rightful place in our cupboards, but take a look at all the different, exciting games available at Asmodee. Whether you’re looking for silly, fast fun or a more strategic game experience, we have included all different types of family board games that will keep you entertained for years to come.

Best Family Board Games

1. Telestrations


Release your inner artist with Telestrations - a simple, entertaining drawing game for all the family to enjoy.

Each player has their own erasable sketchbook and is each given a word to draw by rolling a die. A minute later, everyone hands their sketch to the player on their left. Each participant then has to guess what they see, and pass the drawing on. The timer is started again and players have to draw their guess of the word. Finally, when every sketchbook has been passed around the group, the original owner reveals their word.

Played in groups of 4 or more, this game is guaranteed to get you laughing.

2. Cobra Paw

This fast game is all about who has the quickest reaction times, meaning the younger players might have an advantage on this one!

Cobra Paw features a set of dominos which have different combinations of six unique symbols on both sides. These symbols also appear on each side of two special dice. After these dice are rolled, players must rush to find the matching domino, which could be in the shared pool or from another person’s pile. Once all the dominos have been taken from the centre pile, the player with the most dominos wins the round. 

Fun for short bursts of playing, this game is perfect to play with kids who have short attention spans.

 3. Barenpark

Build the most impressive bear park with this family-friendly strategy game for up to four players.

Players place tiles to make their own park full of bears, enclosures and buildings. The first player to fill up four sections of their bear park means the game ends, but the winner is the person who scores the most points based on items in their park. 

A game which is pleasant for all of the family, at the end of playing you can marvel at the zoo you’ve created. 

4. The Sock Game

Great, silly fun for the family, The Sock Game is a game of pure speediness. 

There are two teams each with a large, fluffy sock filled with 30 tiny items inside. A flick of the spinner will show you which item you need to find in the sock. A point is given to the person who finds the item first. The team that scores 11 points first, wins.

This is a good party game to start with to get your competitive spirit going!

 5. Bananagrams

A word game that’s entertaining for all the family, Bananagrams is a great portable game that tests how quick you can create words.

No pen or paper is needed, as players create their own crossword with letter tiles. In this fast-paced game, the winner is the player who uses all their letter tiles up first. 

A game takes around 15 minutes and is for 2-6 players, but we’re sure that people want to play more than one round once you get going.

6. A Game of Cat & Mouth

This fiercely competitive game, made by the creators of Exploding Kittens, offers a new spin on the classic pinball game. Only two players can take part at a time, meaning you could split your family into two teams and take turns battling against each other.

Players are opposite each other and a cat head (with an open mouth) divides the centre of the board. Use your cat’s magnetic paw, which can be attached to the board game box itself, to fling yellow balls.

You can aim for the cat’s face where its nose and teeth are made up of white and black balls. The goal is for you to get all of the balls available to be on the opposite team’s side of the board. 

A portable game that’s easy to set up and bags of fun - what’s not to like!


Best Family Card Games

7. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Easy to learn, simple to remember, and lots of fun, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is a card game with a difference.

The game has 64 cards, each with a word and image on. The aim of the game may be a similar concept to something you’ve played before - as you put down your card, the group will go around saying either taco/cat/goat/cheese/pizza in sequence. If you put down a card that matches the word, then all players must slam their hands down on the deck. The person who is last to put their hand down, picks up all the cards underneath the hands.

The person who gets rid of all their cards first is the winner. Not only this, there are special cards that make players do funny gestures before rushing to slam the deck. 

It’s a fast-paced, fun game that is great with a group of people of all ages (watch out for heavy handed dads when they get too competitive though!)

8. Dobble

A firm favourite with many families, you can’t play just one round of Dobble because you’ll always want another chance at winning. 

The addictive card game which relies on fast reactions consists of 55 cards with 8 symbols on each. From card to card, there will always be a symbol that matches the next, which is what you need to find. There are five different ways to play, which some family members will be better at than others.

With the success of Dobble, there are now many different variations available, from football club editions to Pixar.

Dobble is the game that every family needs in their life - its compact size means you can bring it everywhere without it taking up too much space.

9. Ansagrams

Suitable for young adults aged 12 and above, Ansagrams is a great quirky game for competitive families who like word games and general knowledge. 

The game is composed of three components: a quiz, anagrams and the race to find a real three letter word. Each card has 5 general knowledge questions on the front, and the first letter of your answers can be reorganised to create a 5 letter word. If you complete this, you’ll win that card which also has a letter on the back. You need to collect 3 of these cards to spell out a 3 letter word from these letters to win.

Upgrade your average general knowledge quiz with this unique word game trivia mash-up.

 10. Who did it?: Poo Bag

Who Did It is an outrageously silly game about avoiding getting the blame for owning the animal that pooped on the carpet. 

Ideal for ages 6 and up, this family card game relies on memory and quick reflexes. Players must battle it out to get rid of their cards as each card in your hand represents one of your pets. When only one person has cards left or a player has collected 3 poop tokens then the game is over. The winner is the person who has the fewest tokens.

Cards are stored in an poo-emoji-shaped carry pouch in this special travel edition and is just as fun for adults as it is for kids!



From creating your own bear park to searching for items in a fluffy sock, there are lots of hilariously entertaining games for the whole family to enjoy. You can see our full collection of board games and more to make your board game night the best it's ever been.