Best Couples Board Games

Best Couples Board Games

Best Couples Board Games

If you’re having a night in with your partner and want to do something different, board games can offer you hours of entertainment! Games can either bring you closer together or bring out the competitiveness in each other, but either way it’s a guaranteed night of fun. Date nights don’t need to be an expense when you’ve got a great collection of couples games available.

On the other hand, if you have friends visiting who are in couples too, it’s a great time to bring out couples party games to have fun and put your relationships to the test.

We’ve compiled a list of the ten best couple board games with lots of different choices, there’ll be a game that everyone will enjoy.

Couples card games

Monopoly Deal Card Game

Experience all of the fun of Monopoly, in a small portable card version! For couples always on the go, Monopoly Deal is the perfect game to take with you when travelling as you can play it anywhere. 

The aim of the game is to collect three full sets of properties in different colours. Through picking up and playing cards, you must plan your moves using money, action or property cards.

Taking only 15 minutes to play, this quick card game is a great choice when you want a short burst of fun and don’t want to spend a while setting up or playing. Considering the game is not expensive, it’s a small investment to make for unlimited portable entertainment!


This two-player card game takes you on a journey of trading and selling goods in the Indian city of Jaipur. You can choose to take or sell cards strategically to compete head to head to gain the most points.

Since this clever card game is designed specifically for two players, it’s a great couples game choice.

Exploding kittens

In a kitten-powered version of Russian Roulette, you must avoid the exploding kitten when taking turns to draw cards. The intensity increases throughout the game as the less cards available, the more likely you are to cause an explosion. 

This unique card game can be played with 5 people, but we recommend it just as much as a game for couples too.

Best board games for couples

If you’ve already tried out Exploding Kittens and are looking for more daring fun, these expansion games are worth trying:


Pandemic is a board game classic. This exciting game requires you to work cooperatively with your partner to save the world from a series of diseases by treating infections and developing a cure through collecting cards. As the outbreaks spread, you’ll have to predict which cities will be impacted, and work together to develop four cures that can put an end to the disease.

Remember that Pandemic is a strategy game in which players either win together or lose together. Rather than fighting to beat each other, you’ll be working collaboratively as a couple to beat the pandemic in an immersive 60-minute game that’s brimming with tactics, teamwork and global medicine.

Fog of Love

Different to all other games on our list, Fog of Love is a game actually focused on a couple in a relationship. 

As they fall in love, it’s up to you to make the relationship work in this role-playing rom-com game. You must decide what actions are best for the characters in order to achieve individual and shared goals in different scenarios. 

This 2 player game offers a unique gaming experience to explore the experience of being in a relationship through the eyes of a fictional character.


Not only is Bananagrams a strong family favourite, it’s a great anagrams game to play as a duo too. For couples who love word games, your competitiveness will come out as you try to beat your partner to create the most words.

Using letter tiles, create your own crossword where words are connected and can be read horizontally and vertically. Your aim is to get rid of all of your tiles as quickly as possible so that you can be named ‘Top Banana’!

Bananagrams is a great addition to any game collection as it can be played as a couple or with friends and family in any destination. The banana pouch offers a great way of transporting tiles!

For couples who like to travel with their games, Bananagrams Duel includes all of the fun of the original game but has 24 letter cubes instead of 144 tiles. With these reduced game pieces, it’s perfect to be played by only two people.

MicroMacro: Crime City

If you and your partner enjoy crime dramas, immerse yourself in MicroMacro: Crime City and try to solve 16 cases in the most dangerous city. 

Working collaboratively, use the cards and huge city map to discover evidence and convict the perpetrators. Feel the thrill of solving each of the crimes as a couple and save the city from lawbreakers.

Party games for couples

If you’re throwing a gathering with other couples, it can be a fun opportunity to partner up with your significant other and play games as a pair. The games below are fantastic options if you’re socialising with another couple.


In the original Codenames game, there are 2 teams battling against each other, making it a great choice for two couples to go head to head.

The leader of a team will give one word clues to their teammate to locate agents on the board but avoid bystanders and the assassin.

If you want to play Codenames with just your partner you’re in luck, as Codenames Duet is an adapted version made for two players. 

Mr & Mrs

Based on the smash-hit TV show, Mr & Mrs is a game to test how well you and your partner know each other.

One player is asked questions about their partner and they write their answers down. Once completed, their partner is asked the same questions and you can see if your answers match! 

This hilarious game can be played as a duo, but it’s even more entertaining to play it when there’s more than one couple.

Time’s up

This game is played in two teams, so you and your partner could play against another couple. The aim of the game is for your team to guess as many words correctly as possible. 

Time’s Up has 3 rounds of 30 seconds each: round one, describe the word written on your card, round two, use only one word to describe your card, then round three, mime out the word on your card. The winning team will be the couple who have guessed more words correctly. 

This fun, quick-fire game is a great option for a party with other couples.

We hope these recommendations have given you lots of inspiration for your next board game night as a couple. For even more suggestions, you can visit our 2 player games page to see more games available to play as a duo.