The Best Board Games for Adults

The Best Board Games for Adults

The Best Board Games for Adults

Not all board games are targeted towards kids - there is a great range of board games made especially for adults to enjoy. From strategy games that require concentration, to party games that will leave you giggling, there are adult board games to suit every need.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best board games for adults, so look no further if you want to have a night of gaming fun (where no kids are allowed!)


Highest Rated Board Games


Gloomhaven is a top-rated, tactical game focused on helping adventurers tackle dungeons, gather essentials for survival, defeat monsters and explore different locations in a city.

This complex cooperative game is full of secrets to uncover with twists and turns along the way. With up to 4 players, each person will have a character that is unique to them with different goals to complete. 

Scenarios are approached using cards, wherein each round two cards are played and you activate the combat element on one card and movement element on the other. The goals of each scenario will differ, such as killing in one round or recovering an artefact in another.

Managing your cards is an important part of the game, as when you have no cards left or your points are at zero, you are removed from the scenario. Because there are so many different scenarios that are impacted by decisions made, you can spend hours and days playing Gloomhaven.

It is difficult to describe concisely all of the fantastic components you can experience in this game - find out for yourself why this is one of the most highly rated adult board games.


Unique Board Games

Root Board Game

Root is an asymmetric game in that each player has a different set of rules and objectives depending on their character even though you share the same board.

With the aim of becoming the ruler of the woodland, there are four different factions fighting against each other. Players will either be battling for the cats, the eyrie, the alliance or the vagabond - all with different methods of earning points. 

This unique board game for adults offers an opportunity to interact with players all with completely different goals.


Best Horror Board Games

Betrayal at House on the Hill


Design and explore your own haunted mansion in this spooky cooperative board game.

Each person will play a different character as you fight your way to collect weapons and trinkets for protection. Watch out, as one of your allies may betray you!

This suspenseful game is for 3 to 6 players and lasts around one hour, making it a great option to bring out for board game night or at a family gathering.


Most Rewarding Board Games


Wingspan is a relaxing strategy game where the aim is to attract the best birds to your own nature reserve.

Within your reserve, you’ll want to gain food tokens, lay eggs, and draw unique bird cards. Cards represent birds with 4 different types of powers which are activated when the card is played. The game is played over four rounds, with the player who earns the most points winning. 

This rewarding engine building game offers beautiful artwork and attention to detail with a well-designed premise.


Best Party Board Games

Just One

Playing with up to seven players cooperatively, Just One is a fun party game for groups of adults as well as families with older children.

In this game you’ll get 7 whiteboard pens, 7 wipeable cardholders, and a large deck of cards with 5 words on each card. A player chooses a number between 1 and 5 to determine the word they’ll try to guess. The other players must write down a one-word clue relating to this word.

The twist is, if one other player has written the same clue, they are not permitted to be shown to the guesser. The player must guess the word on their card based on the available clues. 

By removing the competitive element of most games, Just One keeps players engaged by making you work as a team - a pleasant change!


Best Strategy Board Games

Pandemic Legacy Season 1


Teamwork is essential in this tense game where players must work together to develop cures and prevent 4 diseases from destroying humanity. 

Following the popularity of the game Pandemic, Pandemic Legacy Season 1 includes legacy mechanics where elements are carried forward when you play the game again even if they have been tampered within the first game. For example, you might put stickers on cards, tear up cards, or write on the game, meaning it is not the same when played again.

In this unique, cooperative game every action impacts the world permanently - try not to make the wrong decisions or they’re all doomed!


Best Naughty Games

Exploding Kittens NSFW

Following the success of the Exploding Kittens original game, the creators have developed a card game specifically for adults. 

In this fast-paced game, players take turns picking up cards aiming to avoid the exploding kitten card. If someone does draw this unwanted card, they explode and are removed from the game. Players can stay alive by using ‘defuse’ cards or action cards which can cause other players to draw extra cards. 

The naughtiness comes into play on the artwork for the cards - with a mix of cute and crude cat images, including jokes. 

Exploding Kittens NSFW doesn’t lose the enjoyment of the original game but has the added extra of funny, rude cards.


Best 2 Player  Board Games for Adults

Ark Nova

Plan and design your own wildlife park with the goal of owning the most successful zoo in Ark Nova.

With 255 cards featuring animals, enclosures, specialists and conservation projects, you’ll want to increase your zoo’s appeal and reputation to collect points. 

A fulfilling game with great mechanics, you can enjoy this game just as much solo as well as with up to 3 other players.


Best Abstract Board Games


In Azul, players aim to impress the King of Portugal with their 5x5 tiled wall composed of patterned tiles. 

The goal is to collect full rows of tiles horizontally, vertically and diagonally, as well as collect as many tiles of the same design as possible, to earn points. 

Azul is a good board game for adults who enjoy an aesthetically pleasing and satisfying experience.


Best Story-telling Board Games

 Brass: Birmingham

In this economic strategy game, players must build industries to network as competing entrepreneurs in Birmingham in the years 1770 to 1870 during the industrial revolution. Industries include iron, coal, cotton, brewery, pottery and more.

Players can either build, network, develop, sell, loan, or scout during a round. The winner is the player who has the most canals, rails, and industry tiles which equate to the highest points.  

Its dynamic board set-up means that you can replay Brass: Birmingham with a completely different experience every time. 

Our list of fun board games for adults shows that there are lots of options available whether you’re looking for a complex game to play over multiple nights, a relaxing game to fill the time, or a collaborative party game to get game night going.

If you want to explore even more board games, you might want to take a look at party games, family games or two player games.