• Publisher
    • Bandai 38
    • Topi Games 3
  • Collection
    • - 3
    • Carddass 5
    • Dragon Ball 33
  • Product Type
    • Board Games 3
    • Card Games 37
    • Deck Sleeves 1
  • Licence
    • - 3
    • Dragon Ball 38

About Dragon Ball Super CG

Based on Dragon Ball manga, the Dragon Ball Super card game incorporates all of your favourite characters in a competitive trading card game.

Grab a friend and take part in exciting battles with your deck of beautifully illustrated Dragon Ball cards. These action-packed illustrations can be found in both CG and anime designs, which make you want to collect them all!

Types of Dragon Ball Cards

There are six different types of cards you can find within a pack, including leader, battle and extra cards. The aim of the game is to damage your opponent’s leader card enough to take its value to zero. 

If you’re new to the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, we recommend choosing a starter deck or the Ultimate Deck 2023. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball Super CG, there’s a fantastic range of booster packs and special collector’s editions.