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Dobble is a quick and easy family game containing five different mini games. The observational game contains 55 cards, each with 8 different symbols. Between any two cards, there will always be one identical symbol.

How to Play Dobble

The players will race to match the identical symbol on each card - the aim of the game is to be the fastest player to spot the matching symbol. Whoever spots the duplication first, gets to keep the card - and the player with the most cards wins in the most popular mini game.

Five Ways to Play Dobble

This easy to learn Dobble card game is one for the sharp eye that never misses anything, making it great for testing your reflexes. It can be played between 2 - 8 players, and lasts from 5 to 15 minutes depending on how fast you play - meaning it keeps every player involved in the action whether young or old. 

Small in size, Dobble can be taken anywhere: to a party, a picnic, or a holiday.