Introducing the second set of Star Wars™: Unlimited, Shadows of the Galaxy, a game from Fantasy Flight Games

Introducing the second set of Star Wars™: Unlimited, Shadows of the Galaxy, a game from Fantasy Flight Games

Introducing the second set of Star Wars™: Unlimited, Shadows of the Galaxy, a game from Fantasy Flight Games


Discover the Outer Rim with the Latest Expansion Set 


Following the resounding success of the inaugural set, Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to introduce the next adventure in the Star Wars: ​Unlimited™ game​ series: ​the ​Shadows of the Galaxy game. This eagerly awaited second set promises to enhance the gaming experience with innovative mechanics, dynamic gameplay, and fan-favorite characters, ensuring that the saga’s legacy continues to grow. 


The Shadows of the Galaxy set expands gameplay with its Two-Player Starter set, boasting an impressive collection of 250+ cards. It not only matches the pioneering spirit of its predecessor, Spark of Rebellion, but also broadens the horizon with novel strategies and challenges. As players journey from the familiar territories of the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance to the uncharted Outer Rim, they're greeted with fresh possibilities and gameplay styles. This set introduces many new Bounty Hunters and the exciting new "bounty" mechanic, one of three innovative features making a debut in this collection. 


"The team at Fantasy Flight Games has worked tirelessly to craft the Shadows of the Galaxy set," said Daniel Schaefer, lead game designer at Fantasy Flight Games. "We knew we had to knock it out of the park with our second set, and we're so excited about how it turned out. It's full of new twists and turns for deck-building. We're eager to see how it changes up everyone’s Star Wars: Unlimited game nights and takes gameplay to the next level." 


This set challenges players to creatively blend new and classic cards, setting the stage for endless strategic depth. New cards include the Moff Gideon and the Mandalorian leader cards, each with unique decks that introduce novel gameplay tactics. Whether it's leveraging Moff Gideon's deck to dominate the battlefield or utilizing the Mandalorian's deck to strategically outmaneuver opponents, the Shadows of the Galaxy set promises a gameplay experience that's both engaging and challenging. Featured cards like the Phase-III Dark Trooper and Gideon’s Light Cruiser add to the intrigue and complexity. 


“We're dedicated to providing a platform that evolves alongside the ever-expanding galaxy, ensuring that fans always have fresh and exciting ways to explore the Star Wars: Unlimited game,” said Jim Cartwright, VP of Strategy, Fantasy Flight Games. “Our commitment does not stop here, and we are confident that players will appreciate the high-quality experience and collaborative opportunities that each set provides.” 


One of the most highly anticipated cards, the Grogu Unit Card, enables players to exhaust an enemy's unit, mirroring Grogu's powerful yet draining abilities as seen in the Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. This card, in combination with the Mandalorian Unit Card, captures the protective bond between the characters, offering players new strategic depth and thematic gameplay. 


The Shadows of the Galaxy set will be available for preorder July 2024 at Hobby Stores. Dive into the next chapter of the Star Wars: Unlimited game and discover the vast potential awaiting in the Outer Rim. For more details, visit