Bunny Hops! Board Game Released

Bunny Hops! Board Game Released

Bunny Hops! Board Game Released


Bunny Hops! – The ultimate party game for your next get together! You’ve got to fight to be the bunny champion, are you ready?

Bunny Hops! is the number one downloaded app on the App and Play store with over two million downloads and three million people playing in France. Now its available in the UK, you get to play it as a board game and use the App to enhance the game play, what a great combination!

Need to liven up a party or does your work do need some added fun or an ice breaker? It's time to get some Bunny Hops! Into your life! The perfect game to shake things up before a night out or for the next family and friends games night! Simply get into teams, place a card on your forehead and try to guess the word, celebrity or song which is on there. Your team mates will help to describe, mime or sing to help give you clues. The team who collects the most points after each round on the board wins!

This is such an easy to learn and play party game. Guess as many words as you can in 1 minute: by miming, dancing, singing or finishing the lyrics of songs. Compete 9 crazy themes from Britannia and celebrities to sports and music, even spice things up thanks to the challenge cards – no round is the same!

The game has no age limit, it will be loved by all and can be played with 4 to 16 players so it’s guaranteed to bring fun to any party.

Head of Marketing – James Arnold added: “We’re really excited about Bunny Hops! and can’t help but think as the nights draw in that this is the perfect game to guarantee a fun night in with friends and family! We’re also really proud that the game is manufactured in Europe and the cards are printed on paper from sustainably managed forests”

It’s the perfect gift for any occasion. It also contains an exclusive code that will allow you to unlock themes on the Bunny Hops app – you can use the app as your timer and you’ll get lots of cool sound effects. So are you ready to become the bunny champion?

Suitable for ages 10+ and RRP £24.99

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