Non-Stop to Jupiter

RRP £10.99

Publisher: Ulisses Spiele

Game Type: Expansion

Subcategory: Source Book/Adventure

SKU: WNG0521

"In this exciting sequel to Rocket Racers, our heroes join the Rocket Racing Circuit and compete in the running of the grand Solar Cup finals! Modify your stock rocket ship, jostle with rivals, and launch off on an endurance race from the Indianapolis Rocket Port to the orbit of Jupiter. Along the way you will need to stop and pick up RADIO beacon checkpoints, dodge the hazards of space travel, and fight off attacks. It promises to be a thrilling race this year, especially as the Ghost Racer has been defeated. In addition to a pulse-pounding adventure, Non-Stop to Jupiter offers new creatures native to the alien skies of Jupiter, new rocket racers, and the experimental equipment trait."

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