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TORG Eternity RPG: Relics of Power Redux

RRP £29.99

Publisher: Ulisses Spiele

Game Type: Expansion

Subcategory: Source Book/Adventure


Storm Knights criss-cross the globe to face down agents of many High Lords in their Cosms, including the Nile Empire, Cyberpapacy, and Pan-Pacifica. Their goal: the secrets of the Akashans, once known as “the Space Gods.” To accomplish this, the heroes must not only defeat some familiar enemies armed with new powers and treacheries, but also fight against many never-beforeseen foes (including previews of future creatures and abilities coming in the Pan-Pacific, Tharkhold, and Orrorsh releases). This sprawling seven-act adventure spans continents and realms, ushering the transition from Year One to Year Two!

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