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The Dark Eye: New Bonds and Ancient Quarrels

RRP £12.99

Publisher: Ulisses Spiele

Game Type: Expansion

Subcategory: Source Book/Adventure

Family: The Dark Eye


Deep hatred has divided the inhabitants of the Warring Kingdoms since the dawn of history. Now a daring alliance promises to change everything and show the path to forgiveness. All hope hinges on a marriage to be held in a long-disputed border town. But not everyone in Nostria and Andergast longs for peace, and someone kidnaps the bride! To prevent another disastrous war between the realms, the heroes set out to scour the Warring Kingdoms and return the bride to safety. Along the way they face thedangers of cursed forests and the rushing waters of the Ingval River. If they fail, the alliance will disintegrate and the land will drown in blood. The fate of the Warring Kingdoms rests in the heroes hands...

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