Friends The Interactive Quiz

RRP £25.99

Publisher: Tomy UK Ltd

Game Type: Standalone

Subcategory: Board Games

Family: Friends

Age Range: 14+

SKU: TOMT73292

Discover the very first interactive Friends quiz for hours of entertainment for all Friends fans! Turn on the interactive device and be ready for over 500 questions about your favourite TV show. To start, select your team by choosing your favourite characters from the series: Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler, Joey or Ross. Curious what awaits you? We give you a tiny example into the questions which are true or false: Chandler's middle name is Muriel. TRUE Gunther is German. FALSE Ross and Rachel get married in Vegas. TRUE But be careful, the game master will give you crazy challenges whenever he feels like it! This could be one.. Team Ross, you must Propose to one of your opponents! Suitable for all Friends fans out there from 14 years+.

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