Frostgrave: Perilous Dark

RRP £14.99

Publisher: Osprey Games

Game Type: Expansion

Subcategory: Source Book/Adventure

Family: Frostgrave


"There are many tales of the Frozen City, and not all of them tell of battles between rival wizards. Often, the greatest adventures are those that pit a wizard and their trusty warband against the myriad perils found amidst the ruins of Felstad. This new supplement for Frostgrave presents rules for playing solo and cooperative games in which the focus shifts from the feuds of wizards to exploring the city, unlocking its mysteries... and surviving what is discovered. With guidelines for scaling game difficulty, dungeon crawls, monster generation, and more, as well as 10 scenarios demonstrating these options, this volume offers players everything they need to venture alone - or with allies - into Frostgrave."

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