Order of the Stick #6 Utterly Dwarfed

RRP £29.99

Publisher: Paizo Publishing


"Here comes the sixth volume of The Order of the Stick, the fantasy-comedy webcomic that everyone agrees gets longer with each book released! The Order is on their way north to save the world in style, thanks to their new friends on a cool pirate airship. Little do they suspect that, while they deal with monsters and the usual plot stuff, one of their own is facing a battle inside their own mind! (It's Durkon, obviously.) And when the gods themselves start taking a closer interest in Roy's band of misfit heroes, this action-packed adventure ends up having repercussions so big, they couldn't fit on the page! With almost five years of comics, this 352-page mammoth collection is the series' longest book yet (not counting the previous one)."

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