Days of Wonder have teamed up with the Hobby Next community to design an exclusive promo to celebrate the release of Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West.

This includes 18 Large Cities miniatures, to give even more volume to the game board! These can also be used with the Ticket to Ride and Ticket to Ride Europe game boards, or the Big Cities variant of the 1910 and 1912 expansions.

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Ticket to Ride: Legends of the West - the Legacy Edition of a classic!  

The creators of the classic Ticket to Ride offer gamers a true epic: Legends of the West, the Legacy version of the famous railroad game. 

For twelve games, they'll be at the helm of a railroad company in search of fame and fortune. Their actions and choices will determine the conditions of the following games. The prosperity of their railway empire depends on it. 

Once these rail barons have reached the pinnacle of their adventure, the game board will be unique and reusable for more conventional games but loaded with strong playful memories! 

Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West