MLEM: Space Agency

Rebel Studio and Hobby Next have joined forces to bring you a mini expansion!

BLEP: Cosmic Pioneers is the return to an ancestral competition between cats and dogs... Because the felines, during their space exploration, discover that dogs were already there, on distant stars!

These 6 dog pieces are to be placed on the game mat. Guaranteed to add fun to your game!  

Buy a copy of MLEM: Space Agency in your participating store to receive a BLEP mini expansion! * 

*While supplies last!  

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Explore this family board game where you step into the shoes of fearless captains of cosmic expeditions. But hold on, these aren't your ordinary explorers - they're cats! These felines have long conquered the Earth with their unmatched bravery, and now they've set their sights on conquering the entire cosmos. Take the helm of a cosmic rocket, reach for the stars, or trust your cat instincts and bail out before things go up in flames.

Get ready for an adventure that's out of this world!

MLEM: Space Agency