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                                                              Preview Event: The Massing at Sullust

                                                              Posted on 14 Sep 2015

                                                              “What of the reports of the Rebel fleet massing near Sullust?” – Darth Vadar

                                                              Calling all Star Wars™ Armada fans, as you will have no doubt heard Fantasy Flight Games, in partnership with Esdevium Games, are offering our retailers, and by extension you, the European gaming community, the exclusive opportunity to participate in a world-wide preview event for Armada! The “Massing at Sullust” event will take place in select European locations on the weekend of the 2nd to the 4th of October!

                                                              Not only will you get to see the new Wave II ships in all of their glory, you will get to see them played. If you are lucky enough to be one of the top 2 players in the tournament, you’ll get to build a 400 point fleet around them and actually fly them in the finale game!

                                                              On top of all this excitement, if you finish in the top 4, you’ll get to take one of the expansions home with you, at least a month before their release date (Wave II wide-release date TBC). The top 16 players will also get to take home an extended art “Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer” ship card simply for turning up!!

                                                              There are almost 100 stores across the UK and Europe who have chosen to participate in this event through Esdevium and we have decided to make it easier for you to find the nearest venue to you.

                                                              In the table below you’ll find Store name, location and contact for each and every store running the event. Find your nearest event, sign up with the store and start practicing your fleet manoeuvres to be in with a chance to win some of the hotly anticipated Wave II Armada expansion!

                                                              (If you have any difficulties signing up to a Massing at Sullust event with any of the stores below, please get in contact and let us know via phone on 01420 593 531 or by emailing, Alec, our organised play co-ordinator, using so that we can lend you a hand.)




                                                              UK & Ireland
                                                              The Games Shop Aldershot
                                                              Dead Universe Comics Aylesbury
                                                              TrinderBros Banbury
                                                              Replay Games Bangor
                                                              Barnsley Models and Games Barnsley
                                                              Janco Toys Barnsley
                                                              Firestorm Cards Basingstoke
                                                              Chimera Beeston Beeston
                                                              Waylands Forge Birmingham
                                                              Harlequins Blackpool (PF) Blackpool
                                                              Lvl Up Gaming Bournemouth
                                                              Promethean Games Bracknell
                                                              Laser Adventures Bradford
                                                              Hadrians Hobbies Brampton
                                                              Dice Saloon Brighton
                                                              Excelsior Comics Bristol
                                                              Area 51 Bristol
                                                              Warboar Bromley
                                                              Firestorm Games Cardiff
                                                              Proud Lion Cheltenham
                                                              Geek Headquarters Chesterfield
                                                              Escape Games Ltd Coventry
                                                              Galactic Models Derby
                                                              The grid Doncaster
                                                              Zone Out Doncaster Doncaster
                                                              Twisted Comics and Games Doncaster
                                                              Gamers World Dublin
                                                              Games Hub Edinburgh Edinburgh
                                                              Big Orbit Games Evesham
                                                              Dungeons & Donuts Galway
                                                              Boundless Realms Goreleston
                                                              Marquee Models Harlow Harlow
                                                              Battlequest Horsham
                                                              IQ Games Huddersfield
                                                              Wargames Workshops Kingston
                                                              Knightly Gaming Lanark
                                                              Tabletop Tyrant Leicester
                                                              Titan Games Lichfield
                                                              Comic Culture Lincoln
                                                              ACME Games Llandudno
                                                              Dark Sphere London
                                                              Weekend Warlords Loughbrough
                                                              Slayer Gaming Mansfield Woodhouse
                                                              Athena Norwich
                                                              Midlam Minatures Pelaw
                                                              The Rift Peterborough
                                                              Entoyment Ltd Poole
                                                              Harlequins Preston
                                                              Gamerz Nexus Rayleigh
                                                              Eclectic Games Reading
                                                              Shadow Games LTD Rugby
                                                              games of War Seaham
                                                              Wargame Solution Sheerness
                                                              Patriot Sheffield Sheffield
                                                              The Outpost (sheffield) Sheffield
                                                              Wargames Emporium Ltd Sheffield
                                                              Bambola Jersey St Helier
                                                              The Little Shop St Helier
                                                              Chaos City Comics St. Albans
                                                              Stafford Games Stafford
                                                              Too Fat Goblinz Stafford
                                                              Curious Constructs Starcross
                                                              Lost Ark Games Stevenage
                                                              Common Ground Games Stirling
                                                              Element Games Stockport
                                                              Beanie Games Stockton on Tees
                                                              Guys That Game Stoke On Trent
                                                              Sanctuary Gaming Centre Sutton-In-Ashfield
                                                              Gamers Emporium Swansea
                                                              Mindrazor Wicklow
                                                              IBuyWargames Woking
                                                              Black Border Games Wolverhampton
                                                              Worcester wargames Worcester
                                                              A&B Gaming (PF) Worthing
                                                              4th Planet Games Wrexham
                                                              Atomic Comics And Games Yeovil
                                                              OG Games York
                                                              Travelling Man York York


                                                              Divercentro LDA Portugal
                                                              Troll & Jeu France
                                                              adikom Poland
                                                              fantasy in Germany
                                                              Inistrad Bulgaria
                                                              Svet Her Czech Republic
                                                              La Caverne du Gobelin (PF) France
                                                              Oberonn          PF Belguim
                                                              Goblintrader SL (PF) Spain
                                                              War Games Store SRL (PF) Romania
                                                              La Roca Wargames (PF) Spain


                                                              Yellowshorts Consulting Malaysia