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                                                              Hunt for the Ember Crown

                                                              Posted on 15 Apr 2019

                                                              “Suddenly Aragorn leapt to his feet. ‘How the wind howls!’ he cried. ‘It is howling with wolf-voices. The Wargs have come west of the Mountains!'”
                                                              –J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

                                                              You’ve taken your first steps into Middle-earth, but the road beckons once more. Dark machinations are unfolding across the Shire and heroes are once again needed to step forward and fight this menace. It’s time to set off on a new adventure.

                                                              Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce two new products for The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth:

                                                              Hunt for the Ember Crown downloadable campaign
                                                              Villains of Eriador Figure Pack

                                                              Hunt for the Ember Crown is the first downloadable campaign for the Journeys in Middle-earth companion app, offering a completely new set of quests and challenges that can be played using the contents of the Core Set. Featuring 11 new adventures and a deeply branching narrative that could lead you from the roads of Bree-land to the slopes of the Blue Mountains and beyond, this campaign presents fresh challenges to test even the strongest Fellowship.

                                                              Those that choose to accept the challenge of the Hunt for the Ember Crown or the Bones of Arnor campaign from the Journeys in Middle-earth Core Set can further enhance their experience with the Villains of Eriador Figure Pack. Containing three beautifully detailed miniatures that bring Eriador’s most vicious enemies to life, as well as new title and trinket cards, this pack is the perfect place to start growing your Journeys in Middle-earth collection.


                                                              The Hunt Begins

                                                              Something is not right in Bree-land. The roads are beset by marauding Wargs, bolder and cleverer than the land has known in many years. The Thain of the Shire, responsible for protecting its people, is the first to notice that these skirmishes are not as random as they first appear. But he has become withdrawn and distracted as of late, offering only token measures to protect the Shire and its people. Some say that his son has fallen ill and that his only hope is a legendary bloom, once believed to be cultivated by the Elves of the Blue Mountains.


                                                              In Hunt for the Ember Crown, the Thain has beseeched you to seek out this flower. But such a journey is fraught with peril, and you’ll ultimately choose the path that your Fellowship takes. Perhaps you decide to cross the haunted Barrow-downs in search of answers. Or, you could choose to travel through the Old Forest—straight into a confrontation with Old Man Willow. No matter your road, you’re sure to be hounded by the Warg Coalfang, who seeks vengeance for her slain packmates. Time is short. Can you find the Ember Crown and return to the Shire in time to save the Thain’s son?


                                                              Enemies Abound

                                                              Whether you seek the Ember Crown or you’re investigating a rash of thefts across Eriador in Bones of Arnor, you can bring the dastardly villains you face in these campaigns to life with the Villains of Eriador Figure Pack. This Figure Pack expands your games of Journeys in Middle-earth by providing unique plastic figures presenting three particularly powerful villains that you could encounter during your adventures. Within this pack, you’ll recognise the power of Gulgotar, Atarin, and Coalfang as soon as they appear.

                                                              But you don’t have to face these villains unprepared. This Figure Pack also contains six new trinket cards and three new title cards, giving you new ways to deal with any enemies you come across. When equipped with a Fang Pendant, for example, you can add Pierce to any attack that uses your agility. Similarly, you could find an Old Scepter that gives you an air of authority, helping you more easily interact with the denizens of Middle-earth. The elite enemies you find in this pack are sure to nip at your heels and stall your progress but, if you stand your ground, you could be named their Nemesis and gain a crucial advantage in future encounters.

                                                              Return to Middle-earth

                                                              The road goes ever on, and no journey is ever truly complete. Gather your fellowship and prepare for new adventures in Middle-earth!

                                                              Look for the Villains of Eriador Figure Pack (JME04) at your local retailer in the third quarter of 2019.