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                                                                Announcing the Final Force Pack in the Alliances Cycle

                                                                Posted on 12 Jan 2018

                                                                 Promise of Power

                                                                Announcing the Final Force Pack in the Alliances Cycle

                                                                “Are you ever going to trust me to think for myself?”
                                                                –Ezra Bridger, Star Wars Rebels

                                                                 Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Promise of Power, the final Force Pack of the Alliances cycle for Star Wars™: The Card Game!

                                                                Throughout the Alliances cycle, you’ve been encouraged to forge new alliances across affiliations. Jedi may work closely with the Rebel Alliance or the Smugglers and Spies of the galaxy. The Sith may rule an empire, wielding the Imperial Navy and Scum and Villainy alike as weapons against the light side. For many, these alliances make them stronger—the whole becoming greater than the sum of its parts. But for some, unlikely alliances can lead to nothing but turmoil and chaos.

                                                                Promise of Power is the final Force Pack of the Alliances cycle, marking the climactic conclusion of the cycle. With ten new objective sets (two copies each of five distinct sets), this Force Pack continues to reward players for melding affiliations together in a single deck. Promise of Power also introduces plenty of characters from Star Wars Rebels, bringing a new version of Ezra Bridger, Cikatro Vizago, and more Inquisitors into the game.

                                                                In addition to being the final Force Pack of the Alliances cycle, Promise of Power marks the completion of Star Wars: The Card Game. Over the past five years, Star Wars: The Card Game has seen five deluxe expansions and six cycles of Force Packs, ranging from the Battle of Hoth, through the pilots of the Rogue Squadron cycle, the forest battles of the Endor cycle, and the most recent changes of the Opposition and Alliances cycle. With the conclusion of the Alliances cycle, the game will be complete, and the Star Wars World Championships in May will mark the end of Organized Play support for the game.


                                                                The Conflict Within

                                                                 As you’ve seen throughout the Star Wars saga, finding allies is usually helpful, giving characters a measure of strength and resolve they would not have otherwise possessed. Still, that’s not always the case, as we saw at the end of the second season of Star Wars Rebels. There, Ezra Bridger was drawn into a tumultuous struggle between the light and dark inside himself—a struggle aptly represented in the Jedi objective set from Promise of Power.

                                                                You get a hint of the struggles to come with the objective of this set, Twilight of the Apprentice (Promise of Power, 2186). This objective simply reads, “Reaction: After the Balance of the Force changes sides, draw 1 card.” In most cases, the light side wants the Balance of the Force to remain with the light as much as possible. While that may still be true in a deck using Twilight of the Apprentice, you’ll also find plenty of rewards for having the Balance of the Force on the dark side in this objective set.

                                                                To begin, you’ll discover a new copy of Ezra Bridger (Promise of Power, 2187). While the Balance of the Force lies with the light side, Ezra Bridger gains edge (1), and while it’s with the dark side, he gains elite. No matter which side controls the Force at any moment in the game, there’s a benefit for Ezra. Similarly, you may equip any Force User or Force Sensitive unit with Ezra’s Lightsaber (Promise of Power, 2189). While the Balance of the Force is with the light side, the enhanced unit can’t be targeted by enemy events—and while the Force is with the dark side, the enhanced unit gains additional combat icons!

                                                                It’s easy to see that at certain points, you may wish to switch the Balance of the Force, if only to seize the Balance of the Force before your turn begins. The Echoes of the Force (Promise of Power, 500) fate card included in this set helps you manipulate the Force struggle, while Use Your Power (Promise of Power, 2190) simply allows you to set the Balance of the Force to the other side, potentially changing the fates of your characters or the outcome of the game in a moment.

                                                                Still, there are certain units that much prefer the Balance of the Force to be set to one side in particular. “Old Master” (Promise of Power, 2188) may be much more than he appears—but his agenda is clear, at least in Star Wars: The Card Game. Though you cannot commit “Old Master” to the Force, whenever the Balance of the Force is with the dark side, the power of “Old Master” grows considerably. In most circumstances, the light side would prefer to hold the Force on its own side, but this objective set challenges you to adapt to the moment, and perhaps search for power in places where you would ordinarily never go.


                                                                Break Your Chains

                                                                 Are the alliances and friendships that surround you a boon to help in your darkest hour? Or are they chains that hold you down, stifling your true potential? Make your choice with Promise of Power, the final Force Pack for Star Wars: The Card Game!

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