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Coronavirus Update

On Saturday 31st October the UK Government announced a countrywide return to lockdown for England including the closure of all non-essential retail, beginning on Thursday 5th November and lasting for four weeks. This, coupled with similar measures already in force in other European countries, is sure to have implications for many of our customers. In response to this announcement we are introducing a version of the measures that helped us to continue trading with so many of you during the last lockdown with a few adaptations in response to feedback we have received both internally and from customers over the last few months.

Your account handler will be in touch over the next few days to confirm if you are continuing to trade over the lockdown period and run through your existing pre-orders and back orders and to see whether you need to alter them in light of developments. If you have not heard from us and you are not able to trade during the lockdown please let us know.

Pre- Orders for the following new releases are due to be processed in the next week.

Item No. Item Description
BCL2540850 Dragon Ball Super CG: Draft Box 06 - Giant Force
FFGCP40 Wolverine and Sabretooth: Marvel Crisis Protocol
FFGCP41 Storm and Cyclops: Marvel Crisis Protocol
FFGCP42 Mageneto and Toad: Marvel Crisis Protocol
FFGCP43 Mystique and Beast: Marvel Crisis Protocol
KON84290 YGO TCG Maximum Gold
POK80768 Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield 4 Vivid Voltage Elite Trainer Box
POK80770 Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield 4 Vivid Voltage Launch Kit
POK81749 Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield 4 Vivid Voltage Booster CDU
POK81757 Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield 4 Vivid Voltage Theme Deck CDU
POK817755 Pokemon TCG:Champion's Path Ballonlea, Spikemuth and Hammerlocke
POK82747 Pokemon TCG: Collector Chest Rillaboom, Cinderace, Inteleon
WTCC77290000      MTG: Zendikar Rising Bundle Gift Edition


It is important that you let your account handler know if you wish to revise your pre-orders for any of these lines before 4pm on Thursday 5th November otherwise you will be charged and your existing order will be invoiced and shipped. This is not a complete list of new releases for next week but should cover all of the major lines. Please review all of your pre-orders and back orders due in the next month as soon as you are able.

It is vital that you let us know if there are any changes to your circumstances in the coming weeks or if you need to talk to our accounts department about your finances, so that we can do whatever we can to help you with whatever challenges you face.

Placing/Updating Orders

Most of our sales and accounts teams have been working from home for several months now so there should be no change to the service which most of you have been receiving since the spring. You will be able to communicate with them via email and telephone as normal and any confirmed orders placed will still be processed and shipped. You may find that your usual account handler is sometimes unavailable but any of the sales team will be able to help you in their absence.

Customers continuing to trade

Many of you already have measures in place from the previous lockdown to trade online, by click and collect or home delivery. For this reason we will continue with our automatic order-fulfilment process for all lines as a default for all customers. This will mean that orders are processed as normal, with available items being invoiced and shipped as soon as the total on order exceeds the MDV. We are currently not offering the option of the fully manual process that we offered earlier in the year.
This will mean that, unless you instruct us differently, orders will be processed as normal, with available items being invoiced and shipped as soon as the total on order exceeds MDV.

If you want to, you can work with your account handler to limit what you order to new releases and 'must have' lines. This will mean that all of your back orders will need you to actively approve them before they are invoiced and shipped.
Please bear in mind if you choose this option that until a back order is actively approved, stock won't be reserved for it, and confirmed back orders will be prioritised for stock ahead of unconfirmed ones.
You can approve any of your back ordered lines on an individual basis, but once approved, they will be invoiced and shipped as soon as stock is available and it meets MDV.

For instance - If you have a back order for Ticket to Ride and you opt to limit your orders as described above. When a restock arrives, stock will not be added to your ‘basket’ and invoiced until you tell us it is OK to do so. You can do this at any point, even before the restock arrives if the line is important to you and you want the stock as soon as it becomes available. However, if you don’t actively approve the order no stock will be held for you and the line may sell out before you approve it.

For the duration of the lockdown only, open orders will no longer be firm and binding. We will allow you to adjust your order for any upcoming product downwards right up until it is ready to be processed, for new release lines and major restocks that appear on our new release mailout the deadline to make these adjustments will be 4pm on Thursday. Once an order has been invoiced you will be obliged to pay for and accept the delivery.

If, by 12pm on Thursday 5th November, you have not been contacted about this week’s new releases and you believe that you should have an order ready to be invoiced, please get in touch with your account handler to make sure that your order for next week is correct for your circumstances.

Customers needing to suspend all trading during the lockdown

If your circumstances mean that you are forced to completely close and you will be unable to accept any orders for the duration of the restrictions, please inform your account handler and they will temporarily remove you from our sales order process. Once this is done you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours please contact your account handler again to make sure.
All current back orders and pre-orders will be frozen. This way, no orders will be invoiced or shipped until such time as you give us written permission to begin supplying you again, at which time you will be able to reinstate any open orders that you still require. Please be aware that we will not reserve any ordered stock for you that arrives while you are not trading but you may adjust your existing open orders and place new orders as you require.

However we will not be able to unfreeze your account to allow selected items to ship and then freeze it again. If you choose to unfreeze your account normal process will be resumed and all in stock and available lines will be invoiced.

You can switch between these options if your circumstances change but any change must be accompanied by written permission from you so that we can be certain of your instructions.

New Releases and upcoming Products

For the time being, we will be continuing with our planned new-release program with new offerings being advertised on Wednesdays for release the following week; however, we are anticipating further disruption to our supply chain so all previously announced release dates for upcoming lines must be treated as tentative and we will confirm them as soon as we are able. Solicitations for upcoming products and pre-order lists will continue as usual so we suggest that, even if you are closed during the lockdown, you continue to read our mailouts and place orders for upcoming products if you are able.

We will look to communicate confirmation, changes to dates and availabilities as quickly as we receive them and to react accordingly.

Dispatch and Deliveries

Our warehouse staff are still following all of the safety procedures introduced earlier in the year and we are still expecting to be able to ship all orders within two working days of invoice.

Please make sure that your chosen courier (DPD or UPS) is aware that you are still able to accept deliveries even if your store is closed. Please make sure that you have given us permission to pass a contact phone number on to the courier company and that you have downloaded their tracking app. A simple sign in your window, easily visible from the road, stating your instructions to delivery drivers is also advisable as some drivers will not attempt delivery if your store looks closed.

If you need to change your delivery address to your home address or an alternative during the lockdown, please inform your account handler in writing before any further orders are processed. Once a shipment has been invoiced it is very difficult to change the delivery address and failure rates are high in our experience so please check the address on any sales orders or draft invoices you receive from us to make sure they are being delivered to your requirements.

Some consignments may still be held in transit or returned to us by the courier without a delivery attempt taking place. If this is the case with your order, a credit will be issued upon return to us. We are afraid that we cannot reship consignments returned in this way as all stock that leaves our warehouse needs to be booked back into stock upon it’s return, a process that may take several days. You will need to raise a new order for the undelivered items. This may mean that some of the affected products end up on back order if additional stock is not available on the pick shelf and we apologise in advance if this is the case.

Asmodee UK will continue to operate throughout the new lockdown and we anticipate minimal impact to our service.

As before, we will do our utmost to help you to continue trading through this difficult situation but request that you keep us up to date with any changes to your business so that we can help you.

We will update you if there are any major changes over the coming weeks and we hope that we can return to normal trading as soon as the lockdown is over.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Asmodee UK team