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The phenomenally popular word game! Use your letter tiles to build word grids and be the first one to complete it in this addictive game that'll develop your vocabulary as well as provide hours of fun.


Banana Peels

Start at the bottom and use your given tiles to answer the clue, then add one letter at a time to find the answers to the clues above!


Monkey In The Middle

Answer the clues by filling in the blanks from the set of provided letters - when you're all done, you'll have filled those blanks with three words sharing a common theme! Can you work out what the theme is?



Play a solo round of Bananagrams by using the given letters to form a grid of words, adding extra letters each stage!


Match the colours to the fruits and then bring them to life!


The market stall is full of delicious fruit, but it needs your help to bring it all to life!


Rearrange sets of six letter tiles to find the hidden and paired words in these two clever puzzles!


Each word is missing its first letter, and you've got one of each vowel to fill in the gaps! Match the letters to the words in this puzzle for young readers.



Word Search

Can you find all of the Bananagrams-related words from within the grid?


My 1st Word Search

A classic wordsearch puzzle designed for youngsters, using tiles from My First Bananagrams! Find all the two-, three- and four-letter words.



KS3 Word Searches

Use the grid of letter tiles to find all of the words relating to your school subject!


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