Christmas Board Games

Christmas is usually a time filled with lots of family gatherings, but how can you entertain the group when there’s all different ages and personalities? A great board game is the answer! 

Christmas board games are a fantastic way of bringing the family together since they’re an activity that everyone can enjoy and take part in.

Christmas Games for Kids

Often at Christmas, there’ll be times where children in the family need a helping hand to entertain themselves and get along while the adults can manage cooking the dinner. That’s where Christmas games for kids can be a massive help - not only does it help them to form closer bonds but it gives the adults time to cook and chat (mostly) undisturbed.  

If you’re looking for a game to play while you wait for your Christmas dinner, there’s fun games to play at the table or when you’re comfy on the sofa, such as The Sock Game to give everyone a giggle.

Christmas Games for Adults

Once the kids have gone to sleep, why not keep the night going with Christmas games for adults? With so many games to choose from, your festive season will never have a dull moment!

Christmas Party Games

Asmodee have a great range of Christmas party games perfect for keeping the festive spirits up, and adding a bit of competitiveness to avoid boredom. 

Whether you want something made specifically for Christmas or the festive version of your favourite game - we have an extensive collection to choose from, such as the Patchwork: Christmas Edition or the Nightmare Before Christmas Merry Madness.